Longing to be pain free?
Tired of taking drugs and want to avoid surgery?
We offer natural alternative treatments.

You are one-of-a-kind so we customize
your treatments for your body.

We believe wellness is tied to a healthy
community so we can treat your entire family.

Your journey to wellness begins here.

Integrated healthcare solutions for a healthier life

We teach you to understand and take care of your body, using natural solutions to common health problems, so you can lead the healthy life you’ve been craving.


Based on blood analysis and other laboratory assessments, we create effective treatments specifically for your unique needs,
focusing on whole body health.


Using sophisticated diagnostic laboratory and imaging tools, we hone in on your health issues, get your pain under control and work to return you to your healthiest you.


Adjustments and manipulation to the vertebrae in your spine bring your body and nervous system into alignment and keep your body functioning at its highest level.


Unblocking and repairing vital energy (or qi) meridians and channels with this ancient Chinese therapy, restores your balance, alleviates pain and promotes overall health and function.


Let us treat your medical conditions with a diet and nutritional supplements based on your “biochemical individuality,” returning you to a state of optimal health.

Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of people live pain-free and healthy lives without the use of aggressive drugs or surgery.

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*Does not include X-ray and other diagnostic studies

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